Radha Soami Satsang Schedule India for 2014

Satsang Schedules

Satsang Teko Janiye Jiyhe Eko Naam Bakhaniye
Satsang is a place where we admire only one God who is with every one in this universe. listening to satsang is very important in order to motivate ourselves for the daily meditation of 2-3 hours.

The Satsang is done by living master Baba Gurinder Singh Ji,

Detailed program regarding Radha Soami Satsang schedule has been published for the convenience of sangat, Sangat is requested to attend satsang of Baba Gurinder singh ji as per the satsang schedule. Radha Soami Satsang Schedule for year 2013-14 is as given below 

Babaji Satsang Schedule Across India for the Year 2014

Jan-2014 1 Wed Jaipur 10:00am
Jan-2014 3,4,5 Fri,Sat,Sun Mumbai 9:00am
Jan-2014 25,26 Sat,Sun Raipur 10:00am
Jan-2014 28,29 Tue,Wed Suratgarh 10:00am
Jan-2014 31 Fri Indore 10:00am
Feb-2014 1,2 Sat,Sun Indore 10:00am
Feb-2014 8,9 Sat,Sun Hyderabad 9.30am
March-2014 8,9 Sat,Sun Kolkatta 9:00am
March-2014 11,12 Tue,Wed Mumbai 9:00am
March-2014 14,15,16 Fri,Sat,Sun Delhi 9:00am
April-2014 12,13 Sat,Sun Jammu 10:00am
May-2014 31 Sat Paror 10:00am
June-2014 1 Sun Paror 10:00am
Sep-2014 6,7 Sat, Sun Bangalore 9.30am
Oct-2014 4,5 Sat, Sun Nagpur 9:00am
Oct-2014 10,11,12 Fri,Sat,Sun Delhi 9:00am
Nov-14 8,9 Sat,Sun Sikanderpur 10:00am
Nov-14 22,23 Sat,Sun Rudrapur 10:00am
Nov-14 25,26 Tue,Wed Lucknow 10:00am
Nov-14 28,29,30 Fri,Sat,Sun Delhi 9:00am
Dec-2014 27,28 Sat,Sun Jaipur 10:00am
Dec-2014 30,31 Tue,Wed Ahmedabad 10:00am